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美國骨科醫療器材知名品牌BCI授權獨家販售, 美國華人的福利.


醫療級保險認證通過退化性膝關節炎(Osteoarthritis)護具, 不需要醫師處方可以購買, 比大部分保險自付額便宜, 不需要透過保險, 更加不需要等待保險批准, 即買即享受緩解膝蓋疼痛.


🎁 買就送有醫靠線上醫生視訊諮詢一次 ( 價值 $39.99) 🎁


☑️ FREE BONUS special Non Bite-In Strap Liner Pads are included. Ensure best comfort during wearing

☑️  Doctor prescribed unloader knee brace. You can purchase with no prescription

☑️  Doctor recommended medial unloader brace

☑️  Clinically proven bone on bone knee brace to relieve inside of knee pain

☑️  Best unloader braces for medial compartment knee osteoarthritis

☑️  To relieve bone on bone knee pain on outside or inside+outside of knee, check out another brace in our shop BCI TCO Offloader Knee Brace for Tri compartmental Osteoarthritis



👉🏼  Size Measurement  Please click " Size Chart +" section on this product page for measurement instruction 


✅ Designed to treat

  • Uni-compartment OsteoArthritis OA

  • Mild to moderate OsteoArthritis OA knee

  • DJD knee AKA Degenerative Joint Disease knee

  • Meniscus tear

  • Rheumatoid arthritis knee


✅ Functions

  • Help to support the knee joint and share the loading of affected joint
  • Ideal for Unicompartment OsteoArthritis (aka OA) knee users


✅ Features

  • FDA, Prescription Rx approved
  • PDAC approved
  • Wearing side. Lateral/Valgus. Hinge on outside of knee, designed to relieve pain on inside of knee
  • Field proven reliability with lifetime warranty
  • Light weight and superior fit
  • Highlight Top quality silicone gripped, anti-slip strap liner on each strap provides best comfort with long-time wearing and prevents migratio and slipping while you move. Best selling entry-level OA knee brace on earth
  • Anti slipping silicone pad liners
  • Valgus and varus angle adjustment design supports best knee joint alignment and stability ( hex wrench is included in accessory bag with knee brace you order)
  • Universal sizing. One size fits most users (left/right), allows ergonomically fitting 3-point  unloading leverage system. Fit up to 30” Thigh Left/Right. Measuring Circumference of Thigh 6” above middle of the knee
  • Numbered strapping system provides easy use
  • ROM(Range of Motion) Hinge with plug-in flexion/extension stops.
    Extension limitation at: 0°,10°,20°,30°,40°
    Flexion limitation at: 45°,60°,75°,90°
  • Single-upright unloader= 1 sided hinge support is good for users with Osteoarthritis who don’t have previous ligament injuries. In the case you have moderate ( or worse) Osteoarthritis with potential or previous ligament injuries, you might consider BCI Offloading Knee Brace for OsteoArthritis, Bone-on-Bone, Dual Upright for more comprehensive supports
  • One size fits most users

BCI Unloader Knee Brace for Medial OsteoArthritis, Torn Meniscus

    • One size fits most (Left/Right)
    • Up to 30” Thigh Left/Right. Measuring Circumference of thigh 6” above middle of the knee


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