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美國骨科醫療器材知名品牌BCI授權獨家販售, 美國華人的福利.


醫療級保險認證通過退化性膝關節炎(Osteoarthritis)護具, 不需要醫師處方可以購買, 比大部分保險自付額便宜, 不需要透過保險, 更加不需要等待保險批准, 即買即享受緩解膝蓋疼痛.


🎁 買就送有醫靠線上醫生視訊諮詢一次 ( 價值 $39.99) 🎁


☑️ Doctors recommended osteoarthritis knee brace for both medial and lateral offloading of severe knee ostearthritis

☑️ Clinically proven Offloader TCO knee brace for tricompartmental osteoarthritis

☑️  You can purchase with no prescription ( Over The Counter) 

☑️  Best knee brace for bone on bone pain, relieve inside/medial AND outside/lateral side(s) of knee pain

☑️  Best Comprehensive Dual Upright Hinges support medial/varus and lateral/valgus sides of knee

☑️ Why over-priced name brands while you will save $150+ ordering this brace, with better design/quality? 

☑️ Offloader = Lateral + Medial Unloader. Comprehensive supports on both inside and outside of your knee


👉🏼  Size Measurement  Please click " Size Chart +" section on this product page for measurement instruction 


✅ Designed to treat or use in:

  • Mild to moderate OA osteoarthritis knee

  • Degerative Joint Disease (AKA DJD knee)

  • Complex meniscus repair

  • Protect knee joint after knee surgery

  • Knock knee(genu valgum) correction

  • Knee valgus brace

  • After gel injection

  • QC kinetix treatment


✅ Highlights:

  • Help to support the knee joint: Unloader +Offloading OsteoArthritis OA knee

  • Tri compartment offloader knee brace

  • Best knee joint alignments

  • Dual Upright Unloader+Offloader= 2  sided hinge support is perfect for users with Osteoarthritis and previous ligament injuries


✅ Features:

  • FDA, Prescription (Rx) approved
  • PDAC approved
  • Dual-Upright ROM Hinges
  • ROM ( Range Of Motion) Hinges with plug-in flexion/extension stops.
    Extension limitation at: 0°,10°,20°,30°,40°
    Flexion limitation at: 45°,60°,75°,90°
  • Comprehensive pressure relief with multi-compartment offloading design
  • Best knee joint alignment and side-to-side stability. Varus/Valgus angle adjustment design on both lateral and medial hinges
  • Varus/Valgus hinged correction without surgery. Best proven knock knee brace on market
  • Full shell design provide superior support

  • Sturdy, light weight aluminum construction for strong support

  • Silicone gripped, thigh & calf strap liners prevent migration and ensure best comfort ( silicone liners on every strap) 

  • Special Non Bite-In Strap Liner Pads Design ensures best comfort during wearing

  • Anti slipping silicone pad liners

  • Adjustable fit. Numbered strapping system provides easy use

  • Skin friendly pads and liners
  • Better for OA users without severe knee deformity

  • Perfect for use at home, gentle sports, active users

  • Special design for left or right knee

  • Sturdy design and proven reliability with 100,000+ happy customers

BCI Offloader TCO Knee Brace for Tricompartmental OA

    1. Specify Left / Right
    2. Note. Click here for detailed measurement instruction
    3. Refer to Size Chart below
    4. If you are between sizes, we suggest you order the larger size.


    THIGH (inch)

    6" above 

    medial condylar plateau

    CALF (inch)

    5" below 

    medial condylar plateau


    15.5"- 18.5"

    11.5"- 14.5"


    18.5" - 21"

    14.5"- 17"


    21"- 23.5"

    17" - 19.5"


    23.5" - 26.5"

    19.5" - 22.5"


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