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美國骨科醫療器材知名品牌BCI授權獨家販售, 獨家優惠美國華人.


醫療級保險認證通過大尺碼護膝, 不需要醫師處方可以購買, 比大部分保險自付額便宜, 不需要透過保險, 更加不需要等待保險批准, 即買即享受緩解膝蓋疼痛.


Clinically proved bilateral adjustable hinged knee brace for IT Band pain, hypextended knee, knee buckling, lateral and medial meniscus tear


☑️ Doctor recommended knee support for IT band Syndrome, hyperextension, preventing knee buckling

☑️ XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL Plus Size Knee Brace designed for big Thighs & Legs. Find "Size Chart" section on this product page for size measurement.

☑️ You can purchase with no prescription

☑️ Wraparound design for easy on and off, compared to knee sleeve

☑️ Bilateral, sturdy, light-weight aluminum hinges 

☑️ Weather resistant, breathable neoprene materials

☑️ Does not slip down while wearing


👉🏼   Size Measurement   Please click " Size Chart +" section on this product page for measurement instruction 


✅ Designed to Treat

  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome PFPS 
  • it band syndrome
  • Prevent knee buckling
  • Hyperextended knee
  • Arthritis pain
  • Mild instability of knee joint
  • Mild sprain of the collateral ligaments 
  • Mild ACL or PCL injuries
  • Grade 1 and 2 Meniscus tear
  • Chronic inflammation after operation or trauma
  • Quadriceps tendonitis


✅ Features

  • FDA, Prescription Rx approved bionic knee brace
  • PDAC approved
  • Fits left or right knee
  • Bilateral hinges. Stabilize lateral (outer)  & medial(inner) sides
  • Open Patella Design provides unmatched support and stay-in-place
  • Hinges hidden in pockets offer superior stability
  • Sturdy aluminum hinges. Better than competitors made with easily broken plastic hinges
  • Durable Pivot Hinge design
  • Removable hinges for wide applications and washing
  • Hook and loop closures above and below knee for secure fit
  • Top rated 3/16 inch thick Neoprene with nylon lining materials. Flexible, durable, weather resistant, good cushioning & protection
  • 2-strap easily adjustable design
  • Closed cell neoprene with compressive and proprioceptive effect
  • Latex free
  • Length in 12 .5 inch
  • Made in Taiwan

BCI Plus Size Knee Brace for IT Band, Buckling, Meniscus Tear

    • Knee Size Guide - Measure around Knee joint. 
    • Click Here for instruction.
    • If you are between sizes, we suggest you order the larger size.
    SIZE inch

         12"- 15"


        15" - 18.5"


       18.5" -  21"


        21" - 24"


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